Softened Japanese Cotton Chino Twill - Blue

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Our medium-weight Japanese Cotton Chino Twill is super soft and a breeze to sew with! It's been pre-softened to provide a comfortable feel upon first wear and is easy to care for. We think it would make up beautifully into a variety of comfy jumpsuits, jackets, trousers and more!

Fabric: Softened Cotton Chino Twill

Color: Blue

Matching Thread: Mara 100 - Vivid Blue

Suitable for: Boiler suits, Dungarees, Jackets, Jumpsuits, Overalls, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Trousers

Pattern recommendations:

Composition: 100% Cotton

Width: 43"

Weight: 278 GSM or 8.2 oz

Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Country of origin: Japan

Sold by the half-yard. To order more than a half-yard, select Quantity: 2 for 1 yard, Quantity: 3 for 1.5 yards, Quantity: 4 for 2 yards, etc.