Sandwashed Silk Charmeuse (18.5mm) - Dusty Purple

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Sandwashed to create a soft, brushed face, this silk charmeuse is absolutely luxurious! It's sueded face gives it a softer feel than regular silk charmeuse. Lightweight with a fluid-like drape, it's is one of the most comfortable fabrics you can wear against your skin. Perfect for adding a hint of lux to your daily wear to all out glamour with a special occasion dress or dress shirt! Silk charmeuse would also make for the most luxurious soft pajamas!

Fabric: Sandwashed Silk Charmeuse (18.5mm)

Color: Dusty Purple*

*We highly recommend ordering swatches of our silk charmeuse as colors may differ from screen to screen!

Suitable for: Blouses, Camis, Dresses, Dress Shirts, Evening Dresses, Linings, Lingerie, Neckties, Pajamas, Scarves, Skirts, Special Occasion Wear

Pattern recommendations:

Composition: 100% Silk

Width: 43"

Weight: 18.5 mm or 81 GSM

Care: Dry clean or hand wash and hang dry

Country of Origin: China

Matching Thread: Not Available

Sold by the half-yard. To order more than a half-yard, select Quantity: 2 for 1 yard, Quantity: 3 for 1.5 yards, Quantity: 4 for 2 yards, etc.