Lara Sanner Truffle Coat Hardware Kit

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This kit contains all the quality hardware you'll need to assemble your very own Lara Sanner Truffle Coat! With everything you need in one place, you can spend your time on sewing instead of hunting down every individual piece!

The metal spring snaps are made of high-quality zinc alloy and are waterproof and rust-proof. And the hole punchers in the tool kits are made of chrome-vanadium steel instead of the typical high carbon steel so that the edges will stay sharper for longer!

We've sourced high and low for the best quality items we could find and are thrilled to finally have these available for purchase!

Each kit contains hardware for 1 x Truffle Coat:

  • 12 x 15mm metal spring snap buttons (2 extra for practice or just in case!)
  • 1 x snap setting tool kit (4 pieces, includes fabric hole puncher)
  • 1 x 26" separating YKK jacket zipper [1][2]
    • Gold metal will be sent for both kits. Silver metal not available

[1] This kit is customizable! Feel free to pick from any other color zipper currently available and in-stock in our shop! Be sure to leave us a note with your order with the colors of your choice. Otherwise, we'll send you the default black zipper with either gold or antique gold metal (depending on availability)!

[2] Lara Sanner's Truffle Coat pattern requires a 70cm or 27.5" zipper. Our kit includes a 28" zipper so you will need to accommodate for the extra 0.5" in length.

This kit does not come with the Lara Sanner Truffle Coat sewing pattern or fabric.