Japanese Cotton Drawstring Cord - 6mm, half yard

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High-Quality 100% Cotton Drawstring Cord!

100% natural, high-quality Japanese cotton drawstring cord for a professional finish on all your handmade garments! Available in 14 colors!

These drawstring cords would pair well with our 5mm metal cord ends and cord locks:

Sold by the half-yard. To order more than a half-yard, select Quantity: 2 for 1 yard, Quantity: 3 for 1.5 yards, Quantity: 4 for 2 yards, etc.

Width: Approximately 6mm

Methods of Use:

  • Insert into hems or casings
  • Lace through grommets and eyelets
  • Keep cords drawn with cord locks
  • Tie ends in place or finish with cord ends
  • For use on: Hoodies, Anoraks, Jackets, Coats, Joggers, Shorts, Tracksuits, and Outdoor wear

Cord ends are not included with cotton cord.

Drawstring cord is also available in 5mm width.