How to Install Snaps

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How to Install Snaps Tutorial

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to install spring snaps using our Spring Snap Setter Tool Kit!

Snap Installation Tools

First, gather your supplies:
- Spring Snap (4 pieces: Cap, Stud, Socket, Post)
- Spring Snap Tool Kit (4 pieces. Includes: Anvil, Narrow Snap Setter, Fabric Hole Puncher, and Wide Snap Setter)
- Hammer
- (Not Shown) Cutting mat to protect your work surface

How to Install Snaps 101

1. Mark placement of snap on fabric.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you've interfaced this area for stability otherwise your fabric may not be strong enough to withstand the repeated opening and closing of the snap!

Snap Installation Hole Punch

2. Place your fabric hole puncher directly on top of the mark you've just made and punch a hole using your hammer. 

Snap Installation Punched Hole

Punched hole example.

3. Take the top of the snap (called the Cap), and place it thorough the punched hole.

How to Install Snap Cap

Snaps Installation Flip Fabric Over

4. Flip the fabric over to reveal the post on the backside of the cap.

Place snap stud over post of snap cap

5. Place the snap stud over the post.

Snap Installation Anvil

6. Place your anvil down with the flat side facing up.

Place snap cap on anvil

7. Place your snap "sandwich" onto the anvil, cap side down.

Top down, the order should be:
Snap stud
Snap cap

Hammer Snap Post

8. Center your Narrow Snap Setter directly on top of the post in the middle of the snap stud and hammer down a few times.

Snap Top Installation Complete

9. You've installed the top of your snap! Let's move onto the bottom of your snap.

Installing Snap Bottom

10. Again, you'll make the placement of the corresponding half of your snap.

Punch hole in fabric for snap bottom installation

11. And once again, place the same fabric hole puncher you previously used directly on top of the mark and punch a hole with your hammer.

Installing Snaps Punched Hole

Punched hole example.

Setting Snaps - Stud versus Post

12. There are two remaining pieces in a snap: the stud and the post.
Although they look similar when laid flat, viewing them from the side angle will reveal their differences.
The stud has a longer stem than the post.

Snap Installation Stud

13. Now, take your stud (the one with the longer stem)...

Placing Stud

14. And place it up and through the punched hole.

Post Piece of Snap

15. Now take your post (the one with the shorter stem)...

Place Post on top of Stud

16. And place it (the post) directly on top of the stud.

Flip Anvil Over

17. Flip your anvil over so that the side with the raised center is facing up and the flat side is facing down.

Place snap bottom on anvil

18. Place your snap "sandwich" on top of the anvil. You'll find that the underside of the stud should fit nicely into the raised center of the anvil.

Top down, the order should be:

Place snap setter on top of post

19. Now find your wide snap setter and place the indented end on top of your post.

Hammer snap setter

20. Once you've placed your wide snap setter directly on top of your post, hammer down a few times to set it in place.

Snap Bottom Installation Complete

21. You've successfully installed the bottom half of your snap!

Backside of Snap Bottom

This is what the backside of your snap bottom should look like.

Snap together snap parts

22. Now, snap the parts together...

Installed Snaps

23. And congrats! You've successfully installed a snap!