Organic Brushed Cotton Yak Wool Twill Flannel - Dark Blue Denim

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Pillowy soft Japanese Flannel made from Organic Cotton and Yak Wool. It's been gently brushed for a softness that we know you'll just love wearing against your skin!

Yak wool is naturally soft, 30% warmer than sheep's wool, and is more breathable than cashmere. What's not to love?? We think this would make up beautifully into Fall and Winter shirts, pajamas, skirts, and dresses!

Fabric: Organic Japanese Brushed Flannel

Color: Dark Blue Denim

Matching Thread: Mara 100 - Medieval Blue

Suitable for: Shirts, Pajamas, Skirts, Dresses

Pattern recommendations: Additional fabric may be required for patterns that require widths larger than 43"

Composition: 90% Organic Cotton, 10% Yak Wool

Weave: Even-sided twill

Width: 43"

Weight: 173 gsm

Care: Machine or hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

Country of Origin: Japan

Sold by the half-yard. To order more than a half-yard, select Quantity: 2 for 1 yard, Quantity: 3 for 1.5 yards, Quantity: 4 for 2 yards, etc.

Note that colors may differ based on lighting conditions and across monitors. We always recommend ordering swatches before starting a project!