Organ Universal Sewing Needles - Size 70

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Organ Universal Sewing Needles are ideal for sewing on both woven and knit fabrics! The 130/705H needle system is compatible with most home sewing machines. Please consult your sewing machine's instruction manual for compatible needles. Each sleeve contains a set of (10) needles.

We love Organ needles for their consistent quality, smoother stitches, and flawless performance! 

Size Guide:
Size 70/10 - For sheer/lightweight knits and synthetics
Size 80/12 - For light/medium-weight knits and synthetics
Size 90/14 - For medium-weight knits and synthetics
Size 100/16 - For heavy-weight natural woven fabrics
Size 110/18 - For heavy-weight knits and synthetics

Needle System: 130/705H

Alternate Needle System Names: 15x1 HAx1, 705H, 130R, ELx705, HLx5, SY2020, SY2922, SY2022, HAx3N, 130705HE75

Needle Size: 70/10

Point Style: Regular Round Point

Finish: Chromium

Point Symbol: R

Country of Origin: Japan

Sold by the sleeve. Each sleeve contains 10 needles.