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Japanese Tencel Wool Blend Knit Jersey - Eggplant Purple

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This luxurious Japanese jersey knit is a gorgeous blend of 80% Tencel lyocell and 20% Wool! It is a beautiful lightweight fabric. Tencel Lyocell gives it a soft hand with a flowy drape and a bit of luster. Wool, nature’s wonder fiber, will help regulate your temperature with its amazing ability to keep you cool when hot and warm when cold! This amazing jersey knit will make up beautifully into tops, t-shirts, base layers, dresses, and loungewear!

New to Tencel Lyocell? Think of it as the eco-friendly version of rayon or viscose! Tencel is a brand name of lyocell and its fibers are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified eucalyptus trees and processed in a closed loop system which has a minimal impact on the environment compared to rayon

Fabric: Japanese Lyocell Tencel Wool Blend Knit Jersey

Color: Eggplant Purple

Stretch: 40% widthwise, 20% lengthwise

Matching Thread: Mara 100 - Eggplant Purple

Suitable for: Tops, T-shirts, Base Layers, Dresses, Loungewear

Pattern recommendations: Closet Core Patterns Ebony Knit Dress & T-Shirt, Helen's Closet Blackwood Cardigan, Seamwork Ace Top, StyleArc Venice Knit Dress, Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee, Thread Theory Sayward Raglan

Composition: 80% Tencel Lyocell, 20% Wool

Width: 62"

Weight: 175 gsm

Care: Hand wash in cold water for best results! For machine washing, place fabric/garment into laundry net and wash with cold water on hand wash or delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry so as to not stretch out fabric.

Country of Origin: Japan

Sold by the half-yard.