*REMNANT* Japanese Stretch Cotton Ripstop - Blue (1.3 yards)

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NOTE: This remnant measures 1.3 yards.

Please note that remnants will be labeled but will not tie or wrapped like regular yardage sales are. In addition, promotional codes cannot be used on remnants.

Japanese Stretch Cotton Ripstop with a beautiful crosshatch pattern that is a result of double warp and weft threads woven into a grid pattern to give it strength! While ripstop is normally made of nylon, we’ve opted for one made primarily of cotton for breathability and a hint of polyurethane for stretchiness.

This medium-weight ripstop would be perfect for making up into workwear, sportswear, outdoor wear, jackets, backpacks, utility bags and more!

Fabric: Japanese Stretch Cotton Ripstop

Color: Blue

Stretch: 15% widthwise or cross-grain, 0% lengthwise

Matching Thread: Mara 100 — Deep Blueberry

Suitable for: Jackets, Coats, Workwear, Outdoor Wear, Pants, Climbing Pants, Hiking Pants

Pattern recommendations:

Composition: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyurethane

Width: 53"

Weight: 252 gsm

Care: Machine wash cold, dry on coolest setting or hang dry to extend life of fabric

Country of origin: Japan

Sold by the half-yard. To order more than a half-yard, select Quantity: 2 for 1 yard, Quantity: 3 for 1.5 yards, Quantity: 4 for 2 yards, etc.